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30 days of Katie Cassidy

d a y  t e n :  Favorite movie role: Amanda, Kill for me.

Kill For Me

she is the words that i can’t find
how can the only thing that’s killing me make me feel so alive?

and i couldn’t speak; i couldn’t breathe to save my life
all of my chances swim like sinking ships, this time it’s it—
i’ll drown, or make her mine.


RP Meme: [8/9] favorite friendships

Avery Mitchell & Annie Harris
“I’d get away with a hell of a lot more than I already do.”

@1PhoebeJTonkin: #Fayana does ballet class #sundayfunday


@1PhoebeJTonkin: #Fayana does ballet class #sundayfunday


The best of Shelley and phoebe (aka fayana) on Instagram

@phoebejtonkin: Wife for life #fayana

Two perfectly delicious girls!


The Secret Circle Friendship [1/6]: Diana&Faye

It’s not like Faye and I are BFF’s, I mean she hates me most of the time. I just think we’re better together than we are apart.